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  Systematic Turnaround Operation Planning (STOP)
Click to download Systematic Turnaround Operation Planning (STOP) Download Standalone
  Downloads: 2694 File Size: 205 kB
Publisher: hitokiri Limitations:
Date Uploaded: Wednesday, August 08, 2007 License: Direct by Application Universe
Click to download Systematic Turnaround Operation Planning (STOP)
Click to download Systematic Turnaround Operation Planning (STOP) Download Standalone

S.T.O.P, stands for Systematic Turnaround Operation Planning is a software solution specifically developed to accommodate plant turnaround / shutdown exercise in any oil a 100% Malaysian-owned MSC-Status company. S.T.O.P consists of two(2) main modules namely Planning Module and Execution Module. (1) The Planning Module acts as the Work/Job Pack generator with built-in document management module specifically to manage Turnaround (TA/TAR) planning data & documents. The output of the Planning Mod


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